I like to find paintings like this in the NOPA area by the Independent.

I like to find paintings like this 2000 Bob Bradsaw located at 1328 Hays st.   I think the corner place behind the painting is the bean bag cafe, hippiester hangout den of productivity.  If you have something you like.  Please post it to this site.  Click on this link.

Bay to breakers 2012, 1814 photos by Wayne Lambright

Here is a link to the photos on my facebook.  Its set to public viewing.  Feel free to use as you need. Group 1   Group 2  Group 3  Group 4  Group 5  Group 6  Group 7  Group 8  Group 9  Group 10  Chive Upvote at reddit if you like my work.     updates:  http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2012/05/police_need_your_help_finding.php