My favorite photo of today

The sun was really bright today, it reminder me of my visit to Riksgransen Sweden where the sun is so bright in June due to being in the fucking artic circle.  I took the train from Stockholm.   Anyhow back to Fulton street, I stopped in my tracks at this beauty and had to photo it.   I enjoy the detail on … [Read more…]

sf movie “Credence” (2012)

A San Francisco movie “Credence” (2012), in the works. Follow the blog on facebook. One of my friends of many in the movie business is in this new film title  “Credence”.  A gangster movie.  I’ll roll out more info as I get it.  So far only this still and no video production yet. Weston the director has … [Read more…]

Foodie must! 1740 Haight St. Buyers best friend Wholesale & Mercantile.

A new foodie first store that focuses on offering food where they have relationships with the makers, apposed to central distribution.  The stuff the big guys won’t carry is here and the stuff that is hidden is found, here.   I think that’s how it works.  I ask one of the girls which was exotic and they … [Read more…]

John Rizzo District 5 Supervisor San Francisco June 23rd 2012, Interview.

John Rizzo District 5 Supervisor San Francisco June 23, interview.    I was just walking bye, Mr. Rizzo and I spoke for a few minutes, seems like a nice guy.  When I went to community college back in 1986, it was about $75 dollars for 12 units + books. FYI, something odd is happening with … [Read more…]