iLikeSF at Wimbledon tennis 2012 ;-)

I love tennis!  I ask  my friend Hiran in London at the Wembledon games  for pic with iLikeSF in the foreground.   🙂 So I could feel like I was there. Hiran is the guy who taught me some computer stuff that really unlocked the next phase of my development.  So what was it?  He taught me the concepts of .eof ‘end of file’, .bof ‘beginning of file’.  With that and some ‘if then’ statements I was able to build my first datadriven site back in 2000 that grew into a membership based and  I know it has nothing to do about tennis except I still love tennis,  computers and travel, works for me.

Hiran said the image turned out not so good and he did somet weaking to the image

Here are some local Tennis clubs to visit.

Official sites