Neighborhood markets (Arguello & Cabrillo)

One of the many things I like about SF are the mini-neighborhoods, getting to know the local shopowners, and developing a sense of place.  You won’t get that in the suburbs.

Arguello Market is the center of my neighborhood.  I run into neighbors, friends, and coworkers while running in to pick up some odds and ends.  I know the owner and checkers.  It’s part of home.  When I run into a Safeway or Lucky, I feel like I’m cheating on them.

Chain stores can’t compete on service and, strangely enough, selection.  You wouldn’t think a small store could out-compete the big boys, but Sal (the owner) is constantly adding new items, responding to customer feedback, and taking suggestions.

Check it out if you’re coming out of GG Park through the Arguello gate.  The market is known for it’s amazing, delicious turkey sandwiches.  They rock.