Vintage Cloathing, antiques & jewelry at Mystery Mister in the Haight

Vintage Clothing, antiques & jewelry at Mystery Mister in the Haight is a store I have seemed to have overlooked.     I asked one of the nice people working there if the clothing was new and she said its vintage.  I was surprised because it looks so new. Mystery Mister 1506 Haight Street (between … [Read more…]

Gordo, the best mexican in the San Francisco Outer Richmond

Gordo, the best Mexican in the Outer Richmond.  I lived in the Presidio at Baker Beach for almost seven years and this is my favorite Mexican place.  They have wonderful everything.  I like to get two taco’s with sour cream, or a Super Burrito with Black beans, rice, lots of tomatoes, sour cream and lots … [Read more…]

Derby of San Francisco

My first time in this friendly staffed store called  “Derby of San Francisco”, its been open for about a year. They have some cool/unique designs for San Francisco see more at there site.   Address: 1472 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117 Phone:(415) 814-3533 Hours: Monday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Tuesday 11:00 am – 7:00 … [Read more…]

Super 7 – cool star wars and other store in Haight

This store called Super 7  in the Height has all this cool stuff. Super7 Store 1427 Haight St (@ Masonic) San Francisco, CA 94117 PHONE store: 415-553-6155 office: 415-227-4700 shipping: 415-409-4701 FAX 415-409-4703 HOURS Everyday: 11 – 7pm GENERAL STORE INQUIRIES DIRECTIONS TO THE STORE map  

Inclusions Gallery – Marcy Kentz – Trunk Show

Inclusions Gallery – Marcy Kentz – Trunk Show Marcy Kentz – Trunk Show at Inclusions Gallery Inclusions Gallery For sale now.  I know allot of women that love these hand crafted artworks as do I. 1 (415) 817-1493Closed until Wednesday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm 627 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA.

Electric Avenue, The Ultimate Party Band :-)

I was at the Sausalito Cruising Club  “Not rowing club”,  Last night and this fun band was playing called Electric Avenue ,send them some business if you can.  They had the place rocking and play in San Francisco also. I did a cut and paste of there contact page.   Contact Us Electric Avenue is ready to … [Read more…]

US Naval Academy, 37 yo old Bay Area virgin fathers 16 children via sperm bank

37 yo old Bay Area virgin fathers 16 children via sperm bank  He’s going to be on TV. The reddit comments. he has a website and gives away the donations for free:  Awesome.

Fucking Great Mexican food! Taqueria Cancun

I love this place. Get two taco’s.  If you’re rich get a burrito. If you have never eaten hear.  Shame on you.  Get in your car.  Don’t take a friend.  Find parking go eat one taco.  Jesus Christ.  People on the east coast fly out to eat one taco. OK.  I’m pumping my breaks.  Its … [Read more…]

Pizza wheels, rolling by a neighborhood by you.

Pizza wheels, rolling by a neighborhood by you.   I just found this on Pinterest.  There website I speculate that someday a smart investor will back these guys and we’ll see hundreds of these trucks.    My friends and I talked about if [I-n-out] burger had trucks roaming SF at night, epic move.  Pizza … [Read more…]


As a car fanatic, I love racing and one thing I have always dreamed of was a Formula one Event in San Francisco, to me this is nearly as good.  I drove this city with my Turbo Porsche, we had fun. An average drive throughout San Francisco.  A great example of skill.  Current views   21,232,525 … [Read more…]