Hidden Honda and the camouflage car explosion

Hidden Honda and Camouflage cars explosion.  I think this is a major trend about to happen.  I love people wrapping cars in vinyl with printed designs.  Keep your eyes open for them. Here is a hand painted Honda civic in Desert Camouflage.  Sorry for the low quality photo this is an old snap shot I just found from a … [Read more…]

No Rules Lion, eats owner and turns blue.

Nobody said there were rules as to what color  you can paint your lion.  Awesome!.  It reminds me to see anything in new light.  For example,  In myself starting this site, its about relaxation for me, not about money.  I truly just post what I like.  I want to offer high quality photos of local stuff. And I do. … [Read more…]

Rare Device found on Divisadero st.

Rare Device found on Divisadero st.,  is a new toy store?  Store for mom’s?  Well, not sure how to call other then fun to look at all the super cool stuff.  I liked the wood spinning tops, they had some stuff made of thick wool and this artwork by Jym Warhol Hayes Street.   You … [Read more…]

Two Porsche Carrera GT’s For Sale. Red or Black. Pictures.

Two Porsche Carrera GT’s For Sale.   Its not often you get to see one let alone two.  I worked for Porsche years ago and have owned a few over the years, this is one car you can own for free.  Meaning it won’t depreciate.  This specific type.  Carrera GT  It should be in the … [Read more…]

I like to find paintings like this in the NOPA area by the Independent.

I like to find paintings like this 2000 Bob Bradsaw located at 1328 Hays st.   I think the corner place behind the painting is the bean bag cafe, hippiester hangout den of productivity.  If you have something you like.  Please post it to this site.  Click on this link.