Gordo, the best mexican in the San Francisco Outer Richmond

Gordo, the best Mexican in the Outer Richmond.  I lived in the Presidio at Baker Beach for almost seven years and this is my favorite Mexican place.  They have wonderful everything.  I like to get two taco’s with sour cream, or a Super Burrito with Black beans, rice, lots of tomatoes, sour cream and lots … [Read more…]

Fucking Great Mexican food! Taqueria Cancun

I love this place. Get two taco’s.  If you’re rich get a burrito. If you have never eaten hear.  Shame on you.  Get in your car.  Don’t take a friend.  Find parking go eat one taco.  Jesus Christ.  People on the east coast fly out to eat one taco. OK.  I’m pumping my breaks.  Its … [Read more…]

Pizza wheels, rolling by a neighborhood by you.

Pizza wheels, rolling by a neighborhood by you.   I just found this on Pinterest.  There website  http://www.delpopolosf.com I speculate that someday a smart investor will back these guys and we’ll see hundreds of these trucks.    My friends and I talked about if [I-n-out] burger had trucks roaming SF at night, epic move.  Pizza … [Read more…]