Super 7 – cool star wars and other store in Haight

This store called Super 7  in the Height has all this cool stuff. Super7 Store 1427 Haight St (@ Masonic) San Francisco, CA 94117 PHONE store: 415-553-6155 office: 415-227-4700 shipping: 415-409-4701 FAX 415-409-4703 HOURS Everyday: 11 – 7pm GENERAL STORE INQUIRIES DIRECTIONS TO THE STORE map  

Foodie must! 1740 Haight St. Buyers best friend Wholesale & Mercantile.

A new foodie first store that focuses on offering food where they have relationships with the makers, apposed to central distribution.  The stuff the big guys won’t carry is here and the stuff that is hidden is found, here.   I think that’s how it works.  I ask one of the girls which was exotic and they … [Read more…]

All cars have a flywheel, but do they have flywheel coffee? If not drive to the Haight.

All cars have a flywheel, but do they have flywheel coffee?  If not drive to the Haight.  Flywheel coffee is new.  Next to the new whole foods in the old bike store, now its a coffee place.  They open recently the sign is not up yet.  They are going to start roasting also they even … [Read more…]

Rare Device found on Divisadero st.

Rare Device found on Divisadero st.,  is a new toy store?  Store for mom’s?  Well, not sure how to call other then fun to look at all the super cool stuff.  I liked the wood spinning tops, they had some stuff made of thick wool and this artwork by Jym Warhol Hayes Street.   You … [Read more…]

Neighborhood markets (Arguello & Cabrillo)

One of the many things I like about SF are the mini-neighborhoods, getting to know the local shopowners, and developing a sense of place.  You won’t get that in the suburbs. Arguello Market is the center of my neighborhood.  I run into neighbors, friends, and coworkers while running in to pick up some odds and … [Read more…]