WOW, this seems very very very cool

A new startup. ¬†called Postmates. ¬†aol’sTechcrunch just did a post on them this morning. ¬†I have never heard of them and this seems really usefull. ¬†The video is in San Francisco. ¬†This looks like a game changing product, well done :-). ¬†well for now AOL is blocking people from seeing the video at embeded sites. … [Read more…]

My favorite photo of today

The sun was really¬†bright¬†today, it¬†reminder¬†me of my visit to¬†Riksgransen Sweden where the sun is so bright in¬†June¬†due to being in the fucking artic circle. ¬†I took the train from Stockholm. ¬† Anyhow back to Fulton street, I stopped in my tracks at this beauty and had to photo it. ¬† I enjoy the detail on … [Read more…]

iLikeSF at Wimbledon tennis 2012 ;-)

I love tennis! ¬†I ask ¬†my friend Hiran in London at the Wembledon games¬† for pic with iLikeSF in the foreground. ¬† ūüôā So I could feel like I was there. Hiran is the guy who taught me some computer stuff that really unlocked the next phase of my development. ¬†So what was it? ¬†He … [Read more…]

sf movie “Credence” (2012)

A San Francisco movie “Credence” (2012), in the works. Follow the blog on facebook. ¬† One of my friends of many in the movie¬†business¬†is in this new film title¬†¬†“Credence”. ¬†A gangster movie. ¬†I’ll roll out more info as I get it. ¬†So far only this still and no video production yet. Weston the director has … [Read more…]

Foodie must! 1740 Haight St. Buyers best friend Wholesale & Mercantile.

A new foodie first store that focuses on offering food where they have relationships with the makers, apposed to¬†central¬†distribution. ¬†The stuff the big guys won’t carry is here and the stuff that is hidden is found, here. ¬† I think that’s how it works. ¬†I ask one of the girls which was exotic and they … [Read more…]