John Rizzo District 5 Supervisor San Francisco June 23rd 2012, Interview.

John Rizzo District 5 Supervisor San Francisco June 23, interview.    I was just walking bye, Mr. Rizzo and I spoke for a few minutes, seems like a nice guy.  When I went to community college back in 1986, it was about $75 dollars for 12 units + books. FYI, something odd is happening with … [Read more…]

Well said, One guy “Steve Ngo” standing up for students. 215 Youtube views, lets change that.

One guy “Steve Ngo” standing up for students. I love this guys spirit. Remember that students and children are the future, period. who’s life is it, not you’re life, its there life.  People are always waiting for Justice. It’s easy to tell a student to wait, its there life.

Lunch photo, send you’re favorite lunch spot some love.

You’re about to eat lunch.  Snap a photo and email it to me. and I’ll post it. More people will learn about that food spot and you just made the world a better place by helping people out.  All business need free advertising and this is your chance to help them shine.

Beetle basking in summer solstice sunlight + Happy Succulents + First Rainbow flag.

I wanted to take photos of commuters this morning on there bikes and I keep missing the shot, so I’ll do that another day.  Today we have some photos of plants enjoying the longest day of the year.  Summer Solstice, my mom was telling me begins tonight at 4am something.  Make sure you enjoy our sunshine today.  We live … [Read more…]

Buy this home, send Ed Deleski some business, nice guy. Offered at $1.3m

Would you like to see a young mans face light up? Buy this home from Ed Deleski, I bet that would work.   Seriously nice guy.  415 350-9083 I had a real estate licence back in 1990-94.  So I know what it takes to make it happen.  This young man seems to know his game. … [Read more…]