Neighborhood markets (Arguello & Cabrillo)

One of the many things I like about SF are the mini-neighborhoods, getting to know the local shopowners, and developing a sense of place.  You won’t get that in the suburbs. Arguello Market is the center of my neighborhood.  I run into neighbors, friends, and coworkers while running in to pick up some odds and … [Read more…]

Our stats, we’re two weeks old.

Thanks to the positive feedback were getting some traffic, how’s that for transparency :-).  If you have something you like share it. Le Labo, it must be the photos and I put it on pinterist about two hours ago.   more stats just 10 hours later and some love from reddit.  Thanks Reddit.   Then … [Read more…]

Two Porsche Carrera GT’s For Sale. Red or Black. Pictures.

Two Porsche Carrera GT’s For Sale.   Its not often you get to see one let alone two.  I worked for Porsche years ago and have owned a few over the years, this is one car you can own for free.  Meaning it won’t depreciate.  This specific type.  Carrera GT  It should be in the … [Read more…]

You can do it!, I love this can do attitude.

You can do it!,  I love this can do attitude.  $55 Hitachi Magic Wand Massage will melt your back pain away to your feet. The gift Grandmothers around the world unanimously agree will work away more then back pain. I do love this store and have shopped many times, fun to go with your lover.

I like to find paintings like this in the NOPA area by the Independent.

I like to find paintings like this 2000 Bob Bradsaw located at 1328 Hays st.   I think the corner place behind the painting is the bean bag cafe, hippiester hangout den of productivity.  If you have something you like.  Please post it to this site.  Click on this link.